Monday, November 1, 2010

Stoned: Rough 3D Animatic

Stoned: 3D Animatic from Priya Koppikar on Vimeo.

Rough 3D Animatic just to give me a better sense of how the timing will play out. Character staging and animation passes will be coming soon.

P.S- The Hans Solo rigs were there for scale purposes and to mimic the people that would be in that shot.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Riggin' It Up

Cygnus Model and Rig from Priya Koppikar on Vimeo.

Spink Model from Priya Koppikar on Vimeo.

These rigs are 90% done. I still need to tweak Cygnus. Spink's rig is currently WIP. Models were done by Sony, my Maya modeling muse and god-sent friend. Thanks, Sony!

Cygnus and Spink

Rough moodboards:

Gargoyle characters for my Senior film. Animated storyboards can be found here:

Storyboards for Stoned from Priya Koppikar on Vimeo.

Synopsis/Pitch for Stoned:

Cygnus and Spink, the only two stone gargoyles perched on a long-forgotten cathedral, look over a futuristic, industrialized and polluted city that is obsessed with technology.

When at dawn, they return to their pedestals to turn into stone, Spink makes a mistake, causing his pedestal to slowly give away--taking him with it. Cygnus, being the bigger and the only winged-creature of the two, has already turned into stone. Yet it is up to Cygnus to save the only companion he has in a world that no longer looks to them for protection and guardianship .


Storybeats can be found here (PDF).

This is a production blog for my senior film, Stoned, currently in production. Conceptualized in Spring 2009 and visualized in Senior 1 of Fall 2010.

Why gargoyles? I wanted to do something that could not have been done in live-action, and take full advantage of the surreality of animation and the 3D space that we work so much with.

I wanted this film's story to have a certain relationship between guardianship and sacrifice, and I wanted the characters to be something very trivial and overlooked, almost overlooked and now forgotten (especially in today’s modern world). Gargoyles embody the past but they have a purpose that is still part of the present, which relate to protection and security--which is essentially what this film is about. That, and the myth about turning into stone in daylight.

Friday, October 8, 2010